Customer support as a service

Customer Support as a Service

We provide 24/7 customer support as a service to let you focus on your passion. We treat your customers like they're our family.

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White Label. Customer Support.

Startups and makers work with Support Llama to insure consistently high-quality customer service, 24/7, in a pay as you go system.


White Label

Our team is highly trained with included quality assurance. We provide customer support as a service to your customers that is indistinguishable from in-house team members.


Rapid Scaling

Is your company growing? We scale with you. No matter if you are growing by 500 or 50,000 support messages per month, we have you covered.


US Based

Have you personally ever complained about robotic or non-english speaking support? Support Llama is US based and employs only native English speakers.


Quality Assurance

Support Llama strives to provide nothing short of perfection. We provide team leads, managers and routine employee reviews to provide the best service possible.


5 day On-Boarding

Once on-boarding begins we learn everything we can about your company. We establish your brand’s voice, best practices and overall excellence.


Free Trial

We offer all companies a free trial to asses our services for 7 days post on-boarding. Give Support Llama a try and you won't want to leave.

How it Works

Discover how Support Llama creates your on demand support team.


Multichannel support

We provide support across all major channels. We will even help unique requests based on your business needs.

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Tech Platforms

We provide immersive technical training to all agents to use the tools you use.

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Success by the Numbers

Customer support is a breeze with the help of Support Llama


Support Responses


Hours Saved


Happy Customers


Our customers love us! Hear what they have to say.


You have questions. We have the answers.

What is considered 1 response?

We would never nickel and dime our partners. We only count a full interaction from start to finish as a response.

Can we monitor all of Support Llama’s interactions?

Yes, we use your customer service software so you can see all that we do. We also provide detailed monthly KPI and QA reports.

What is the process for handling a Tier 3 or development related issue?

We set-up a point of contact with your company for issues that may fall out of scope or that we need to double check on.

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